Starr Park: Invest in the Future ✨

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    NOTE: Investment is mandatory, but please consult with your financial advisor, legal counsel and/or funeral director before considering an investment in Starr Park.
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    - Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
    - A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
    - Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and Super ability
    - New events and game modes daily
    - Battle solo or with friends
    - Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
    - Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
    - Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
    - Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master
    From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach!
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    1. Ahmed Barely

      we can stop STARR PARK togather

    2. مترجم اندرتيل

      starr p

    3. Flashix

      5:07 This is normal

    4. Bela_Brawl Stars

      That so SAD

    5. •Léa •

      3:08 its robots hand?

    6. • Nøt Čësâr •

      3:00 in that part bartlebee put the liquid in the hand of th Man, so after tha man has another hand

    7. Márton Szőllősi


    8. Jordan Fleurentin

      Horror movie

    9. Croc Beast

      0_0 i feel uncomfortable

    10. Rula Kougioumtzidou

      A horror game

    11. joycetxt1003

      Secret word at dance when reverse: help us help us help us

    12. Tugrau8yuiUia Sende


    13. Rizky cimol

      3:31 =😍😹😱 3:40 =😭😓😠

    14. Benicio Areán

      la pandemia terminará en 10 meses después de la gerra ... quieren matarme ace 10s años se empeso a construir Estarpark


      3:26 Look at the teeth of the girl on the left🙄

    16. ReBL Aiden

      Huh. Well this is strange. So play back the end in reverse. “In the future, kids control us with glowing rectangles.” This refers to brawl stars and the brawlers, but there’s something more to it. The WKBRL Stream has someone monologue for 25 minutes straight, and this person I think is gale. He says, “Sometimes I feel like I ain’t in control of myself.” So maybe this means when we play brawl stars, we control the brawlers, not only in game, but in real life. The place obviously isn’t safe. During the place where there is a gift shop, the two gift shop runners blink out “danger.” During the dance at the end, play it in reverse and you hear “help us.” They are also, from what I believe, kidnappers. They are trying to make superhuman weapons, called brawlers. During the place where there are two kids in the background on a rollercoaster ride, I spotted something odd. The one with the green hood and the one with the red bear are siblings. And there parents aren’t there with them. I suspect the child with the green hood is Leon and the one with the red bear is Nita. They also hid barley in there, too. The bartender, named ‘Bartlebee,’ is making drinks unsafe, as they burn the guides hand. Barley literally throws bad drinks and eliminates foes with that. Colette is hidden too. Remember the gift shop from before? After the two ladies blink “danger,” the lefts one top layer of teeth sharpens and becomes pointer, as Colettes teeth are as well. So Starr Park is a danger, and they are obviously scheming something horrible.☠️

    17. The Sun

      4:28 thé body being dragged anyone know what it means??

    18. farrukowski


    19. Daria Pușcașu

      Starr park controls you and turns you into brokers don't go there !!

    20. Cristopher Morgan


    21. sisana hates kitty channel afnan

      He i cant play braw stars because is not letting me play i think every day i play i think it bans me always

    22. gamed122

      brawl stars are you on drugs

    23. {cøøkie nekø}

      Me dio mucho miedoooooo 😰😭

    24. taha karakaş

      4.29 Look at the yellow curtain, someone is kidnapped

    25. Hamza İnanç

      İzlerken altım yaptım

    26. The Legend Of Mobius

      2:22 bite of 87

    27. Urania Abatsoglu

      mi fa un pò paura ma carino is very scaryyyyyyyy

    28. Kiara Barta

      Wow Mr. P like dancing XDD. I like singing :P. And this park is creepy. And I am Hungarian. :

    29. Kadir Ceylan

      Bölümü döviz manyak

    30. Samuel Nádaský

      It s creepy I would never go there

    31. Sandra Ferreira


    32. Thefrancopro27 Castro

      4:19 ese es carl?

    33. Евгения Егерева

      Damn, if working in starr park actually look like this then I'm feel very sorry for Edgar and Colette :( (Sorry for my English)

    34. Shrimp Animations

      4:23 Supercell knew *EXACTLY* what they were doing

    35. 뭐임


    36. marilene godeiro

      The futire


      Brawl stars you are okay? Brawl stars what that he'll O_O 😓😓😓😨😨😨😨😵😵😳😳😳😱😱😱 this video so HE'LL

    38. Amina Ismailova

      I love brawl stars

    39. David Stefan Popa

      What help us

    40. David Stefan Popa

      What Happen in g

    41. David Stefan Popa

      Leon and Nita ? What

    42. David Stefan Popa

      What Horror Is super Horror

    43. Susana Castelo

      Theres a lady when she finished her line her teeth is pointi

    44. domenico maccarone

      Brawl stars good game and horror game

    45. mc games

      No no no horror 😥😥😱😱

    46. Sinan - Brawl Stars


    47. muslimi


    48. Szynka


    49. Jay Park


    50. колет и энгр

      Сматрё стрим итам в конце играет милодия начала этого видео 🤫

    51. Eggsbum

      4:27 a body dragged?

    52. MGamer765

      Gale tries to save all of us. In the mysterious and creepy live stream it's confirmed that Gale is the one who is speaking.Back to brawl stars he says two voice lines that actually prove this.He says "Old Gale lived to tell the tale" and "You show them Gale, you show them all.I am pretty sure that these voice lines want to prove that Gale is the speaker.Another Easter egg is that Gale actually appears in Starr Park.Last fact is that Mr P is the villain and Gale also says some voice lines that prove this."Dont blame me, I just work for Mr P" and "Mr P is going to be so happy".I believe that Mr P caught him with his minions and brainwashed him right after he said his final words.

    53. احمد سفاحين القتال محمد غيمرGame

      انا يمكنني المساعدة

    54. Robert Harper

      Was this actually what the game was based on or is it just a video they made for the season 3 update?

    55. Gonzalo go!

      Esta loco

    56. nick gamer

      Whats its live russa

    57. BS HİKAYE


    58. Cxrafty4

      Who’s here 2021

    59. Yahya Bilal BOLAT

      çeviri doğruysa açıklama çoook ürkütücü

    60. Chiraz jazi

      Wow I Go tto Star Park It's very cool there

    61. Die Avocado

      Im scared brawl stars is a Horror game, im so scared pls be Not evil brawl stars :(,I love brawl stars..

    62. Jozef Jankech

      It s crepe and mr peat is kill

    63. Vanify Developer

      Starr Park The End Save End Dangerous Really Dangerous

    64. Halime Ercan

      05:07 wkrlb

    65. Brawler İbrahim

      4:49 biri de çıkıp demiyoki bu adam kapıyı arkadan nasıl açıyo? Çünkü arkada kapı kolu falan yok muhtemelen kendi kendine açılıyo

      1. Melike Şahin

        OHAA aynn

    66. Mira Aydın

      İt was scary

    67. AMA Games

      This video creep me out

    68. Zeynep Dönmez

      Gale yi siz kaçırdınız

    69. Karim Viktor

      A Dragon ball intro:

    70. Userfabian

      look at the teeth of the left woman at 3:25

    71. Kayla Story

      0:33 he has his fingers up like he want to shoot him self

    72. Анастасия Комкина

      Старрпарк :зеся магия тэт вэсэлка

    73. Barış Çabuk

      3:21 MORS DANCER



    75. David FF

      Aí meu Deus

    76. Vitor 0303 YT

      Um siri fazendo barra LoL

    77. Halime Ercan

      4:28 😵😱

    78. ShadowBS


    79. Abdulrahman Alharbi

      رعب x رعب

    80. Ivan mayorga

      IDK why but that remember me North Korea.

    81. Bosy Omari

      بروال ستارز فيه دم فيه اسرار

    82. محمد رضا احمد


    83. Paulo Oliveira

      7 mêses se passaram a gente ainda n se conformou com as coisas desse video...

    84. grismeldy García

      Esta para es malo

    85. Milicevic Mirjana

      Star patk is soooo scaryyy😱😱😱

      1. Milicevic Mirjana


    86. Yusuf Baran Arı

      is it real?

    87. andrei

      What is this BRAWL is not normal

    88. Dragica Novković


    89. Browli Stars • #SaveRalph

      5:07 this is normal.

    90. RCMO Channel

      robo bear sounds like goofy from micey mince

    91. Yuuki live

      Best vídeo of FIblock

    92. foxy fachero 4

      2:10 esto no va a terminar bien Its be solong

    93. vilma muniz

      Olha o mr no fundo morto

    94. vilma muniz

      nossa o sta park etão assustador

    95. Gabriel Inostroza Salgado


    96. Gabriel Inostroza Salgado


    97. Randell Palacios

      Es hora de crear teorias

    98. CappyCap11


    99. Aco Radovic

      Is so scary 🥺

    100. Gamer6

      Waht are you doing