Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

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  1. Alienzinha Alice

    Hadn't anyone noticed the morse code that "Collete" does with the winks? OBS:After this video I was even scared of brawl stars

  2. Nina Nikolic Stepanovic

    Guys what us wrong wirh these mega bixes that i open i opened 4 mega boxes and got 5 items Nothing!!!

  3. Evan Cox

    I can’t imagine what the next season is gonna be about on season 8 is it going to be an update about insects like having a spider brawler or could it be a medieval themed where we would have a dragon brawler or it could be season where stu comes from where we would get a second member of Stu’s trio

  4. cosmicc jacc

    Pass made brawl stars better lol

  5. Gamer Noob

    I’m so happy what brawl stars is turning into 💫

  6. chamchouniChanel

    Creepy 😵😟

  7. Eli sofir

    I did not understand what the software is called ... anyone know?

  8. Bryan_game7 2

    The best part is "um salve pro mengao e o Timão"

  9. ESTEBAN 10


  10. Karis Jose De La Cruz Barrientos

    Logica de supercell

  11. Karis Jose De La Cruz Barrientos

    Noce para que colocan brawlers rotos si al final los nerfean

  12. ESTEBAN 10


  13. Xx-sneezyanus69XD420MLGPUZZYSLAYER-xX AFTON gaming

    I've never played brawl stars nor do i know anything about it but this is some fresh-smooth animation right here!

  14. Plushy Gaming

    I have another idea for a brawler, TeeVee. Epic Sharpshooter. It is a body that looks a bit like Surge’s, but it’s hands that are brown speakers, just like the middle part. Try to imagine this. The brawler model would have brown feet, like Surge’s, but small speakers on the side of it. The robotic legs are the same, and the chest of TeeVee is like Surge’s, but it’s just a brown speaker with two speaker holes. Idk what they’re called. His robotic arms are the same, but, like I said, the hands are speakers. With the speaker holes on the top, or where the “hand” should go. The back of the big chest speaker is a wire. Then, the neck is like Surge’s robotic arm, but smaller. Then, there is the head, a glorious TV. The screen is blue, but with a white smile, with little cheeks on the end of it, and two strait white eyes. His antennas are bent in every which direction. More in the replies.

    1. Plushy Gaming

      His super doesn’t work on the enemy siege bot, though

    2. Plushy Gaming

      TeeVee is a brawler that is not a lone wolf. He needs the help of his teammates. TeeVee is not good in Showdown....mostly. Sup Showdown, if his teammates always will revive, he will be ok at. The other tiers, he will be great!!!

    3. Plushy Gaming

      Star Power: Commercial Break. TeeVee’s super makes brawlers watch TV for 1.5 more seconds.

    4. Plushy Gaming

      Gadget: Change the channel. TeeVee’s next attack is a healing attack. It can’t heal TeeVee. It can heal other teammates. It heals 700 HP

    5. Plushy Gaming

      Super: Watch this! TeeVee sits down, and brawlers in a 4 tiles radius sit and watch TV for 3 seconds. TeeVee may not shoot during this. Also, his attack has a range of 9 tiles.

  15. Guillermo Mongelos

    AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaaaAaAaAaAaAaAAaAaAaAaAaA nmms ._.

  16. • Noah -ミルコ•


  17. Арт


  18. rocraft


  19. Intermie Goreng

    0:26 rip aim

  20. DenMORYT

    Hi Dani ,Frank and Paula ,pls can u put mortis predone skin at 99 gems ? Pls becaus i have 112 gems of mortis come 149 gems i cant take him :( i love that skin so pls

  21. Numan Numan



    О да! Испекла гранаты в печке и стреляла из зонтика!

  23. Hira Tukenmez


  24. Pica player The best

    Wait Nita was handed a bear after the ride and her parents died